WB: Session Logs

WB1: When the Earth Growls

Early spring 1001AC
The Heldannic Territories, Freiburg
"For reasons of your own, you decided to join a small merchant caravan heading to the village of Pflenzen, up in the northwest regions. According to the news flying around Freiburg, the old governor of Pflenzen was recently replaced by force of arms, things there are changing and there might be some good opportunities for men and women bold enough to seize them.
You spent a few days preparing yourself for the journey ahead and, with the new day, are now meeting with the Hognisson brothers and other travelling companions.
A week travelling west along the road then north, and after that...Pflenzen and whatever future it can offer..."

Here is the NPCs list for WB1.

WB2: Legacy of the Drakkins

Mid spring 1001 AC
Somewhere under the Mengul Mountains
"Life, fate or even chance can sometime lead you to the oddest of places....
After some time in the Mengul Mountains, a mountainous chain deep in the North, forgotten by the civilization of man, you were, for reasons of your own, adventuring under ground. Lost, trapped or driven ever deeper, you spent days, maybe even weeks, underground, fighting old horrors and unknown creatures, before reaching a massive cave, miles wide. A new world, or an old one, buried and left here for thousands of years. Soon, you encountered the obvious Master of this new territory: a colossal black dragon, bigger than any you've ever seen or even heard of before...
Now left to yourself in a land you know almost nothing about, with no obvious way out and a mortal threat patrolling high above your heads, you have to discover the mysteries of this area and figure out if the many ruins of an age old civilization hold the keys to the Legacy of the Drakkins."

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