Wednesday 27 November 2013

Divine domain: Knowledge

This is my attempt as fleshing out a domain: Knowledge for D&D Next. Our cleric Urist is a priest of Kagyar and figured it might be interesting for him to have the option of a new domain.

I didn't really have a chance to test this out yet but seems fine and interesting.


  • 1: Comprehend languages, Identify
  • 3: Suggestion, Augury
  • 5: Speak with the dead, Dispel Magic
  • 7: Arcane eye, Divination
  • 9: Commune, Scrying

  • Shields

Scholar training (level 1):
  • By spending 10 minutes concentrating on a particular subject, you gain advantage to a Religion, Arcana, Linguistic or History check. If the subject you are investigating is not something you can possibly know, you are still able to perform a check but without advantage.
  • This can be done once per day per 5 levels and you need a long rest in between.

Specialist (level 2):
  • Choose either Religion, Arcana, Linguistic or History. You gain a specialist bonus of +5 on checks for this skill. You are still limited to things you can potentially know however.

Expert (level 10):
  • Choose another skill from the Specialist list and gain a +5 specialist bonus on checks. You are still limited to things you can potentially know.

All knowing (level 15):
  • If you concentrate for 1 action on a task, you gain advantage and +5 specialist bonus on any INT checks that would be required, no matter the subject, no matter the actual skill used as long as it's linked to INT.
  • This can be done twice per day needs a long rest afterwards.

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