Wednesday 27 November 2013

Dwarves, Rockhome and their god Kagyar

I summed up some things about Dwarves for Urist, our dwarven clerics. It's mostly pure Mystara but modified it slightly to suit my needs, as most things.

Kagyar is the immortal worshiped by about 95% of the Dwarves. His domains are mainly crafts and knowledge but for the campaign purpose and if you pick this route, I'll see if I can balance up specific domain early this week and add it to house rules. His myth is that he actually crafted the Dwarven race by hand, giving them life and protecting them since then (hence why it's about the only religion for them).

His cult is a very private affair among Dwarves and priest (and paladins) are only active in communities for ceremonies (burials, special event, etc) and not really for day to day sermons, etc. There are very few actual churches. His priests are usually also fine artisans but you don't have to.

Rockhome: Home of the Dwarven race and sit of the seven clans. Each clan is composed of a large number of families, each clan with their own immense stronghold in the mountain regions. It's south of the Heldannic Territories (where we'll start playing).

  • Clan Everast, one of the oldest clans, includes most bureaucrats, diplomats and the current royal family. 
  • Clan Buhrodar supports the Everast kings, but its theocratic philosophy sometimes clashes with the Everast’s ideas of aristocratic rule. 
  • Clan Torkrest, a large militaristic clan, completes the strongest powers of Rockhome. 
  • Clan Wyrwarf is opposed to Clan Torkrest and it's make-up includes many lower class, non-conformist dwarves and farmers. 
  • Clan Hurwarf is another smaller clan, whose isolationist, xenophobic ideas clash hard with the two remaining clans
  • Clan Skarrad and Clan Syrklist. The latter is a large clan of traders, bent on expanding trade between Rockhome and the foreign nations, while the former strives to accelerate the development of technology, and supports trade as a way to promote the growth of technological knowledge. These two clans are also the ones present in Freiburg and tend to convert the most to Vanya because it suits their views of the world.

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