Tuesday 27 May 2014

GM Musing, How would I: Zombocalypse

Zombies, the walking dead, infected...Done and done. And yet, I still can't get enough of that stuff, despite the genre being flooded from all side for the past decade of so. How would I do this in an actual RPG campaign?

Friday 23 May 2014

Blocking and Parrying in GURPS, my way.

+Peter V. Dell'Orto, on his very good GURPS blog Dungeon Fantastic, has been posting a couple of his own rules about Parrying and Blocking, especially regarding doing so against very powerful attacks.

Posting all this in the comment section was a bit clunky so I figured I'd just do my own post as a reply/comment since I've been commenting and testing on this.

Thursday 22 May 2014

WB2, Session 23: The Legacy of the Drakkins

Session 23: "The Legacy of the Drakkins"
And so the Simphiwe had migrated north, running from the ever growing black cloud. Reaching the cliffs marking the limits of the cavern after four days, Zephriz, daughter of Nozizwe, ordered a camp to be made. They had outpaced the cloud for now, but were out of places to run to.

Having fun with GMing styles

I'm pretty comfy in my own GMing style and while I appreciate others do things differently (and don't mind even though I don't really understand it), I was having my morning coffee reading a couple threads over the WoTC forums when versions of the same scene began popping into my mind, handled using different GMing styles.
This is a parody of course and the names are totally made up since I'm really not up to date with the established nomenclature for these.

Don't go and rip my head off :)

Monday 19 May 2014

Why I love 100% text based sessions

Below is the last 15-25 mins or so of the last session of the Sunday D&D Next campaign in which I've been playing for the past 6 months or so.

This is a simple cut'n paste from our logs on roll20, without any edit but removal of players' names and addition of some coloring to ease the reading. I could have taken many other (both our Saturday's and Sunday's sessions are very heavy IC and RP stuff usually, most of the OOC is in combat), but this was a scene I really enjoyed, had a perfect pacing, and being able to re-read through it now is good fun :)

GURPS over Roll20 experiments: Final stretch, setting up the game.

After much delay, I'm almost done setting up my GURPS over roll20 and getting ready to run my first scenario. The plot and whatnot for the one-shot are not a problem and irrelevant to roll20 in itself, so I won't go into that, and instead focus only on the mechanics I've decided to go with.

The goal I had was to streamline play as much as possible, especially for new players and for combat situation. Non combat is not a problem and I know how to handle all that already.

Warning...wall of text and horrible Blogger formatting :)

Saturday 17 May 2014

GURPS over Roll20 experiments: Testing the water

Finally had my first proper GURPS session last night over on roll20. A low fantasy attempt to replicate the old D&D modules of the early '80s. It was all voice, first on hangout then Skype - something I'm really not used to - and lasted for about 4 hour and a bit.