Wednesday 29 January 2014

GURPS over Roll20 experiments: NPC Sheets & Macros

After trying to solve the Hex Grid and Tokens problems last time, I'm continuing the experiments of trying to make GURPS fit in Roll20 in some nice and practical manner.

GURPS is a nightmare of modifiers, conditional status, variable skills and whatnot. Unlike D&D Next, it quickly became clear that it was nigh impossible to move everything you could find on a Character Sheet into the Roll20 Attribute and Macro system, but for now, that's how I'd handle it...

Warning, this post is a "Frikkin Huge Wall of Text"(). I tried to keep things clean and readable, but still, it's long...You've been warned.

Monster of the week: The Basidiomid Worker & Basidiomid Soldier

This monster of the week is a tentative work on another species of Myconid, the Basidiomids. I use another name mainly not to conflict with WotC later on and have some leeway in here.
The Basidiomid is a fungus man, but they have a slightly different caste system, are less organized overall and don't live as long.
I only put the Basidiomid Worker and Basidiomid Soldier here, but will probably come back to it later on for more background, social structure and of course, the Royal family members.

Monday 27 January 2014

WB1, Session 10: Ruins of the Dragon-bone Temple

Session 10: "Ruins of the Dragon-bone Temple"
Tuesday 30th, March 1001 AC
(destiny token: 1)

And so the black ooze creature went inert and slowly slid back down to the bottom of the pit. The buried structure was once again plunged in total silence, save for the heavy breathing of the companions.

GURPS over Roll20 experiments: Tokens

While I really like and actively use D&D Next in two weekly campaigns, there has always been one system that I keep dreaming about: GURPS.
Never actually played it, never actually ran a session, even as a player, but I just love the concepts and ideas in GURPS, have most of the books in 4th edition and have been following some very interesting GURPS blogs for some time now.

Recently, +Peter V. Dell'Orto from Dungeon Fantastic has been poking around GURPS over Roll20 and commented about the experience on his blog, current verdict being: it's not so simple!

Since it's something I might run someday, I wanted to see how I would handle it, and first, I wanted to figure out the proper use of tokens over an Hex grid.

Wednesday 22 January 2014

Monster of the Week: Old Black Ooze Thing (The Obot)

In our last session (Session 9, What lies below), the group fought some kind of ooze in the pentagonal room. This was a custom monster, much like most of the monsters I use. 
I'll give the stat block for it here and it's name: The Obot (Old Black Ooze Thing)...

Monday 20 January 2014

Handling actual play: Action frames

Since I started the "When the Earth Growl" campaign with D&D Next on roll20, there are many things I had to remember from a GM perspective (since I hadn't GMed for something like 20 years). One of these was how to handle actual plays during session, how actions from the PCs were declared, happened and the like.

WB1, Session 9: What Lies Below...

Session 9: "What lies below...
Friday 26th, March 1001 AC
(destiny token: 1)

And so the companions had survived a massive cave-in but were now stuck within the buried stone structure, tons of debris of rock and earth between them and the surface...