Wednesday, 4 June 2014

GURPS roll20 Character Sheet: All done!

Posted about my draft custom roll20 character sheet for GURPS yesterday and what do you know, I actually finished it, polished and all that!
I'm very, very satisfied with the result and while I still have a couple ideas for things to add, it's almost perfect for what I wanted a character sheet to do on roll20 and the look'n feel of it is decent enough.

The sheet has been accepted by roll20 and is now available to all under the name GURPS Style #2. Quite happy about that!
The feedback is kept over on roll20 forums here.

The whole sheet is divided in TABs so that you don't have to scroll up and down forever to look for things. Not idea why this is not used more since, in actual play, this is great I think.


Main tab
Attributes, load and load-outs infos, Active Defense rolls, Attacks, DR table and tons of little goodies in there.

I integrated most Macro buttons into the labels, which works great, looks great and saves quite a bit of space.
Also added tons of secondary information for rolls, like all senses, fear check and others.
The encumbrance & max load bits are just for quick reference but should be clear enough to read very easily.
The load-outs, I really like. Basically you got two (combat and hiking), which you link to their respective encumbrance level via a simple radio button. Once done, these automatically link up to your Combat Move field, as well as your various Dodge macros.

The Active Defense panel is decent and allows for 3 potential entry for parries, reference DB and quick access macros for Dodges (naked, combat load-out or hiking load-out). On top of that, you can indicate your Active Defense Option (retreat, dodge & drop) via a select field, which will display it automatically when a AD macro is used (that and the Maneuver you're declaring). Love it :)

The Maneuver and Combat Options panel is just pure love for people who play like me on 100% text-based roll20 sessions. The Maneuver button itself is to announce your maneuver for the turn, and links with all attacks and whatnot as well within their respective macros. It does NOT calculate anything, it's just for reference, but that's what I like about it: No more "what are you doing btw?", it'll be right there, ready to go on your turn!

The DR table is simple but does what it's meant to do. I added the Area field as well in there, so you can sort it out BEFORE the session begins and be happy about it when you get hit in the back by an exploding boulder...

The Attack and Ranged attack is standard, nothing special, apart from formatted in a way I really like, including your select Maneuver, Target location and Combat option. Love it!

The Damage Taken Calculator is a simple trick, but so good to use. Just put your Base Damage, DR, select options and press the macro button. It'll send YOU (to prevent spam to others) how much damage you actually took from the blow. Simple, love it.

And finally, a quick tracking system for injuries. Nothing fancy, but why not right?


The skill panel is quite simple. Just list what skills, the stat, level and press the macro button. Done.
The trait panel is for advantages & disadvantages. Useless I think, but why not. Very simple to use but no real in-game purpose.

Now...the spell panel!
Similar to skills in many ways, but there are Macro Emote and Macro Effect fields. These will link up with the macros for each spell, so you can specify exactly what your PC will emote (in character emote via roll20 /em) AND the exact effects of the spell with macro calculation if needed (out of character, via /ooc, and it works with inline rolls in there for damage for example).
If you play text based like I do, this is awesome and I'm so glad I could make it work proper.


Quite like that one as well.
Simple in appearance, you'll find your Coin tracker at the top (Silver being equivalent to the GURPS dollars usually), and the normal inventory sorting stuff at the bottom.
There is also a quick inventory field, for mundane stuff or if you can't be bother to track everything. Just received 2 letters that are important for the scenario but don't need an actual inventory line, just put it in there.
In the middle however, your consumables. This is for all resources you need to track because they vary often, such as various ammunition, potions and whatnot. There is also a macro button in there however as well as a Macro Effect field.
Best use, apart from the obvious like arrows, rations and whatnot, is for potions. Put something like "heals for [[2d6+2]]" in the Macro Effect field, name it "Healing Potion" and voila! With a simple button push, you'll get an emote and the effect calculated automatically. Simple, stupid, love it!


Useless stuff, appearance modifiers and whatnot.
There is a quick note field, just because why not. Put stuff in there that you want to remember from session to session or something.
The nifty beat is the contact tracker. This is to help keep track of all NPCs you know and met, not only via character creation (contacts, etc) but also during the game. Simple, stupid, but also love it, so it's there.

And that's it!
As far as I could test it, it works perfectly. Heck I even submitted it to the github for roll20 but I don't think it'll get approved (and I don't know if I did it proper either to be honest).

But who cares, I'll use it and it does what I want it to. 


  1. very cool. can anyone use the built in macros or do you have to be a Mentor level subscriber?

  2. everyone, even free members I think, once the sheet's added to the campaign via the campaign options.

  3. Between current FP and current HP is a current ER? Racked my brain but can't figure out what that is. It is probably staring me right in the face. little help for an old man, please?

    Bronco Himebaugh

    1. ooops! Found it. Energy Rating. Mostly used for Supers but still handy. One other suggestion. In the Attack Emote, could you make the emote field so that once you entered it the first time, you would not have to go back and change it or re-enter it every time unless you wanted to? That way, you could emote, "Jaba the Orc "Swings wildly" with his axe' and it would be like that from then on unless I went and changed it?

      Just a suggestion. Love the sheet and the NPC setting. Have played 67 games in my current campaign and looking forward to 67 more with this new feature.

  4. How do you change it from "Spell(Solar Beam) 12 vs 36" to "Power (Solar Beam) 12 vs 36"

    1. Hey,

      If you don't have spells but only powers, and if you have the proper subscription to roll20 (the one where you can create/do your own sheets), then it's just a matter of changing the line 848 of GURPS.HTML, the part where it says: "/em ?{Casting Emote|@{emote}}\n/ooc Spell(@{name})" to "/em ?{Casting Emote|@{emote}}\n/ooc Power(@{name})"

      If you have both spells and power, just change it to Ability or something.


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