Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Item of the Week: Deployable Pavise

I've always been a huge fan of the Genoese Crossbowman style, using a huge Siege Crossbow, while taking cover behind a Pavise. Since I've toyed around a PC concept based on that style, lately, a Fighter specialized in Archery, I wanted to polish my Deployable Pavise idea and make it somewhat official for my Campaigns.


  • (02/20/2014) Corrected cover definition to fit D&D Next nomenclature.

Deployable Pavise (Shield)

Price: 30gp
Weight: 15 lb
Availability: Specialist, Rare (5-6)
When Wielding the Deployable Pavise in combat, you have the following effects:
  • Armor Class: +3
  • Speed: -5 feet (Cumulative with other Armor Speed properties)
  • Stealth: Disadvantage
  • You suffer Disadvantage to all DEX Checks and Saves
During your turn, if Wielding the Deployable Pavise, you can do "Use an Item" Combat Action to Deploy the Deployable Pavise anywhere in a 5' radius around you, for the following effects:
  • You lose all Wielding effects from the Deployable Pavise.
  • The Pavise acts as Three-Quarter Cover (as per rule).
  • Large and smaller Creatures consider the Deployable Pavise as Impassable Terrain. 
  • Huge and bigger Creatures ignore the Deployable Pavise and can Knock it down as part of their Move Action if they enter the same square.
  • Any Creature within 5' of the Deployable Pavise can do "Use an Item" Combat Action to Re-Deploy it around (5' radius), Wield it or Knock it down.

Crafting Corner Deployable Pavise

Tools Artisan Tools (Carpenter or Blacksmith)
Material 5gp worth of raw material, nails, etc
Process (DC15 DEX Check, 4 Successes)
Once the artisan has all the material gathered, he can make a DC15 DEX check once per Long Rest, with Proficiency bonus from the Artisan Tools if he is proficient in them. 
The entire process requires 4 successes.
  • Critical Successes count as 2 successes.
  • Critical Failures count as 2 failure.
5gp worth of additional raw materials are required for every 2 failures before reaching the required number of successes.

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